Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany

Posted: February 26, 2018
Category: conference

I'm quite late on the recap, but here's the list of the talks I attended during 34c3, the 34th Chaos Communication Congress:

Day 1

  • Eröffnung: Tuwat

  • Dude, you broke the Future!

  • Demystifying network cards

  • The Enemy: face-to-face with combatants

  • WTFrance: a sneak peek into French politics and cryptography

  • How can you trust formally verified software?

  • Tightening the Net in Iran

Day 2

  • Mobile Data Interception from the Interconnection Link

  • We should share our secrets

  • Reverse Engineering FPGAs

  • May contain DTraces of FreeBSD

  • Spy vs. Spy: A Modern Study Of Microphone Bugs Operation And Detection

  • Internet of Fails

Day 3

  • Taxation

  • Lightning talks

  • Coming Soon: Machine-Checked Mathematical Proofs in Everyday Software and Hardware Development

  • History and implications of DRM

  • Net Neutrality Enforcement in the EU

  • Meeting with Debian contributors

  • Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, etc.: revolutionary tech?

  • Meeting again with Debian friends

  • Protecting Your Privacy at the Border

  • How Alice and Bob meet if they don't like onions

  • Decoding Contactless (Card) Payments

Day 4

  • Library operating systems

  • Lightning talks

  • Briar - Resilient P2P Messaging for Everyone

  • Privacy Shield - Lipstick on a Pig?

  • The Internet in Cuba: A Story of Community Resilience

  • Tracking Transience

  • Abschluß